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Research on Economic Sharing Based on PEST and SWOT Model: A Case Study of Mobike

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.014


Chao Liu, Gaohong Zhu, and Yanqing Kang

Corresponding Author

Chao Liu


With the development of Internet technology, the sharing economy has shown strong potential and application prospects. It brings new production mode, consumption pattern and business model. It will profoundly change the traditional economic form of human society. This paper chooses the Mobike as the research object of sharing economy. Then, it studies the development status and profit driving factors of Mobike by PECT and SWOT model. Through the study of Mobike, this paper deeply analyzes the connotation of sharing economy business model and provides reference for the development of Internet + sharing business model in the future.


Internet technology, Sharing economy, Business model, Mobike.