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Research on the Construction Path of First-Class Undergraduate Major of Music Performance in Local Universities under the Concept of OBE

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.054


Zheng Fang, YI-Fan Zhou

Corresponding Author

YI-Fan Zhou


The traditional applied undergraduate education and vocational education can not fully adapt to the needs of social development, therefore, china's first-class undergraduate professional education among them, the construction of first-class majors is an important content of educational reform, and it is also an exploration direction for colleges and universities to carry out specialty construction. the reform of the education mode must be based on the education orientation, education goal, talent training, examination and evaluation and so on. music performance for local colleges professional first-class undergraduate specialty construction on existing problems, the article based on the concept of OBE, for music performance of professional teaching preparation, teaching process, teaching methods, teaching evaluation and exploration on the aspects of, and in view of the curriculum and teaching methods of professional advice, to build first-class undergraduate majors and provides some references to promote the development of education of china.


OBE concept; Local colleges and universities; Music performance major; Construction of first-class undergraduate programs