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Autonomous Learning of College English Ideology Based on Flip Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.050


Si Qin, Xiumei Zhu

Corresponding Author

Si Qin


Entering the information age, the contradiction between the traditional college English teaching mode and the future college English learning requirements has become increasingly prominent. Compared with the lag of traditional teaching in curriculum ideology, flipping classroom is coupled with curriculum ideology construction. The extracurricular autonomous learning practice advocated by it is coupled with the student center of curriculum ideology, and the cooperation between teachers and students in classroom is coupled with the guidance of curriculum ideology. Considering that the traditional teaching mode has some problems, such as students' low interest in learning and students' poor initiative in autonomous learning, flip classroom, a highly interactive teaching mode, should be integrated into the ideological teaching of college English course. This paper expounds the concepts of flip class and autonomous learning, analyzes the effectiveness of flip class in the establishment of autonomous learning mode of college English ideology, and puts forward some suggestions on how to construct autonomous learning mode of college English course ideology based on flip class mode.


Flipped classroom; Curriculum ideology; Autonomous learning