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Research on the Path and Strategy of Honest Education for College Students under the Fundamental Task of “Cultivating People by Virtue”

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.049


Lin Cao, Hongjing Du, Huating Zhou,Juhong Chen

Corresponding Author

Hongjing Du


Deepening clean education for college students is an important part of carrying out the fundamental task of “cultivating morality and educating people” in colleges and universities, an effective way for college students to develop excellent moral character, an effective carrier for improving campus culture construction, and an inevitable need for constructing a harmonious campus and creating a good social atmosphere. analyzes the present situation of high school college students honesty education, grasp the basic principles of strengthening college students' honesty education, through creating a fresh air wind is campus atmosphere, to promote “honest education into classroom”, strengthen the construction of campus culture, advance the ethics, strengthen construction occupation of network education the main positions, such as an effective way for college students' honesty education, don't promote honesty education education actual effect.


“to cultivate people by virtue”; Honesty education; The status quo; Basic principles; The path