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Exploration and Research on Online Open Course Construction of Software Engineering Professional Practice Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.048


Fang-dong Fan, Wei-hong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Wei-hong Zhou


This paper explores the construction of online open courses for software engineering specialty practice courses. Keep applied undergraduate “take employment as the guide, ability as the standard features of teaching modes, combining with the social demand for software talents and future development direction, and actively explore suitable for various kinds of professional talents in software engineering online open courses, guided by the demands of industrial development, with academic frontiers and technical updates of the latest development to promote online course content. It integrates all kinds of high-quality teaching resources with informationized hand sections, creates an online and offline teaching mode of “online learning evaluation + offline question-answering”, promotes the integration of various online open courses, and promotes the innovation of teaching mode.


Application-oriented undergraduate degree; Practical teaching; Online open courses applied