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Digital Intelligent Paper-Cutting Art Design Based on the Needs of Social Aesthetic Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.046


Kuangwei Sha

Corresponding Author

Kuangwei Sha


Exploring the potential social aesthetic education needs of paper-cutting art, distinguishing the logical relationship between paper-cutting art design and social aesthetics education, discussing the existing problems of paper-cutting art inheritance and development, developing paper-cutting art digital intelligent field modeling, and promoting the realization of paper-cutting art design social aesthetics function. Based on the aesthetic education value of paper-cutting art and its artistic performance characteristics, efforts are made to construct digital intelligent generation programs, and the paper-cutting art design process is transformed into a digital intelligent system, that is, scientific application of digital intelligent technology and artistic techniques, and innovative creation of paper-cutting art. Improve the aesthetic ability of the public as a whole and sublimate the connotation of social aesthetic education.


Social aesthetic education; Digital intelligence; Paper-cutting art