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Discussion on the Reform of Core Curriculum Content and Teaching Method of Human Resource Management Specialty under the Background of New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.042


Fei Zhang, Chunxiang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Chunxiang Zhao


Human resource management major is one of the important majors of business administration, which needs to keep pace with the times according to the development requirements of the times.with the drive of big data technology and internet technology, the traditional curriculum content of human resource management is difficult to adapt to the market demand, which requires colleges and universities to adjust the teaching method and content of this major. based on the characteristics of the development of the times and the market situation, this paper puts forward the main measures and suggestions for the reform of the curriculum content and teaching methods of human resource management specialty under the background of the new era.


New era; Human resource management; Course content; The teaching reform