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On Translation Project Management as a Component of Mti Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.039


Liu Dandan

Corresponding Author

Liu Dandan


Relying on the globalization and commercialization of The Times, the language service industry shows a thriving development trend. With the rapid development of the social era, the scale of translation projects continues to expand, the complexity of translation projects continues to rise, and the status of translation project management in the language service industry is becoming more and more prominent. The ultimate goal of translation teaching is to train high-quality translators. High-quality translators should have strong language ability, technical ability of translation software and management ability, and meet the actual needs of enterprises and market. This paper will start from the process of translation project management, discuss the significance of translation project management to the training of MTI talents, and finally explore the design scheme of MTI teaching adjustment.


Translation project management; Mti teaching; Part of the