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Research on Pathology Online Teaching Design and Practice of Integrating Curriculum Ideology and Politics

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.038


Yue Ming, Ting Liu, Qiuyu Ji

Corresponding Author

Qiuyu Ji


Under the background of the new era, social workers should have a healthy and positive value system while possessing theoretical foundation and work skills. As a base for transporting talents and talent reserves for the society, colleges and universities should also pay attention to strengthening the ideological and political education of students in the process of professional knowledge education for students. As a basic medical science, pathology plays an irreplaceable important role in medicine. This article briefly analyzes the significance of implementing ideological and political courses in pathology teaching, explores the teaching reform of integrating “ideological and political courses” into pathology, and proposes several ways to promote reforms to maximize the education function. Cultivate medical talents with a healthy value system.


Pathology; Online teaching design and practice; Integrating curriculum; Ideology and politics