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Research on the Reader's Response Criticism Theory and Teaching of English and American Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.037


Hui Zhu

Corresponding Author

Hui Zhu


This article analyses the embarrassing situation of the gradual marginalization of English and American literature courses in recent years. At the same time, it points out that there is a certain relationship between students' loss of interest in learning English and American literature and outdated teaching methods. Under the influence of utilitarianism, students are more willing to put the emphasis of language learning on examinations and textual research, but ignore the fact that English and American literature reading plays an important role in improving students' comprehensive language ability. In response to this phenomenon, this article explores the introduction of reader response criticism theory into the teaching of English and American literature, and attempts to construct an interactive teaching mode of English and American literature. The traditional “teacher teaches, students accept” is transformed into “teacher guidance, student communication”. In order to improve students' initiative in learning English and American literature.


Reader's response criticism theory; Teaching; English american literature