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Research on Restricting Factors and Countermeasures of ILS Construction Based on E-commerce Development

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.012


Jianhua Zhang, Mengmeng Zhang, Yamin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Mengmeng Zhang


The development of diversification and internationalization of E-commerce has put forward higher requirements for the quantity and quality of enterprise logistics services. The positioning and sensing technology has gradually been mature. Relying on the Internet of things, Intelligent Logistics will emerge as the time calls for. Intelligent Logistics information platform provides personalized supply chain logistics services; timely customer feedback, and effective maintenance of customers. It improves customer satisfaction, improves the efficiency of capital use and control efforts; which is more effective in promoting national economic development. Intelligent Logistics System has many problems in the actual construction. This paper, based on the overall construction, operation and maintenance of all aspects of the problems encountered by the countermeasures, attempts to ensure that the link among various links can maximize the whole system to achieve the best, so it plays an important role.


Intelligent Logistics, Intelligent Logistics information platform, Intelligent Logistics System.