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Research on Psychological Characteristics and Behavior Law of College Students' Online Learning in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.034


Qiuyu Ji, Da Li, Yue Ming

Corresponding Author

Yue Ming


Nowadays, with the rapid development of network and the increasingly rich network culture, the network is dramatically changing the study and life of college students, and has an impact on their psychology. In terms of improving education and teaching effect, it will decrease with the passage of time. Although the general query of data can meet some needs, there is still little information knowledge which is instructive to teaching management from data resources. The quality of online education and learners' learning effect can be guaranteed by analyzing and utilizing specific behavioral data such as the number of times students visit courses and participate in discussions, and the progress of learning. Teachers should explore effective online mental health education forms and online psychological counseling skills in combination with college students' psychological characteristics and network characteristics. In this paper, according to the psychological characteristics and behavior rules of online learning of college students in the new era, suggestions are put forward to promote online interactive behavior of schools, in order to better promote the communication and interaction of similar virtual learning communities.


Online learning; Psychological characteristics; Behavior law