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Study of Three-Dimensional Space Expression in Plane Composition

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.032


Bingqiao Yin

Corresponding Author

Bingqiao Yin


With the advancement of technology and the expansion of people's life needs, some new design concepts continue to emerge. The function of space is no longer limited to satisfying people's basic life needs, but also the pursuit of visual beauty. Currently, plane constituent elements are applied to three-dimensional space design, and the artistic effect of the combination of the two is more novel. The plane constitutes the combination and application of middle shape and shape, which can be extended to the field of environmental space design. At the same time, the design language and cultural characteristics of the graphic elements can be conveyed to people through the medium of environmental space, which is more conducive to creating highly individual design works. In the design of the environment where people live and work, the guidance system should not only meet the scientific guidance function, but also have a certain artistic value to meet the environmental needs and people's increasing aesthetic needs. The ingenious integration of the shape, color, texture and other elements of the plane composition into the guide design can make the guide system not only functional, but also more compatible with the surrounding environment, and reflect a certain spatial artistry.


Plane composition; Space expression; Three-dimensional study