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On the Research Paradigm of Chinese Higher Education Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.031


Tan Jing

Corresponding Author

Tan Jing


As to the application of paradigm concepts, at the specific application level, there are not only corresponding requirements of the standard system, but also continuous innovation that change as the application objects. And in terms of Chinese higher education management system, in recent years, it has been constantly changing with the overall development of higher education; therefore, there are also dynamic changes at the level of the paradigm system. On the basis of a brief description of the connotation and function of the paradigm, this paper aims to analyze the transformation process of Chinese higher education management research paradigm with regard to characteristics of higher education development and changes in the past decade; moreover, it is to explore a new paradigm system, with a brand-new view to providing the better paradigm for Chinese higher education management, so as to provide a theoretical guidance for specific development in this field.


Higher education; Management system; Paradigm