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Using Production-Oriented Approach (Poa) to Improve Chinese Efl Writing

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.027


Rongrong Song, Yun Shen

Corresponding Author

Rongrong Song


In order to explore college students’ trouble in EFL writing and to cope with the writing module teaching set in a new teaching reform in Xiamen Institute of Technology, the researchers attempt to draw up a reform plan in details to build a writing classroom teaching model through POA for EFL in colleges. Argumentative writing skills were taught in both control class and experimental class simultaneously, by the conventional instruction and POA-based instruction respectively, and the band descriptors of IELTS would be borrowed as the assessing rubric. With the sources of data collected in this study, the analysis of the comparison between the pre- and post-tests, and the focus-group interviews both revealed that in general, the POA-based instruction does a better job than the conventional treatment of enhancing students’ writing knowledge, improving their argumentative writing ability, and engaging them more in the learning tasks.


Production-oriented approach (poa); College english writing; Conventional english writing class; Argumentative writing