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Course Teaching Exploration of “Commercial Space Design” Based on Industry Connotation Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.015


Ying Pei

Corresponding Author

Ying Pei


“Commercial Space Design” is a required course for environmental design majors. It achieves the goal of cultivating qualified space design practitioners by systematically learning the basic theory of commercial space, space layout, space interface design, materials and construction technology. By studying the industry needs of commercial space design, combining practical experience, based on the talent training model of applied technology universities, this paper analyzes the problems in current curriculum teaching, makes a strategic view of the overall teaching reform of “Commercial Space Design” course, and explains how the curriculum teaching meets the needs of the standard industry. It has played a role in promoting the reform of commercial space design teaching.


Commercial space design; Industry demand; Course teaching reform; Strategy