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Study on Teaching Measures of Civil Engineering Construction Course with New Engineering Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.014


Chonggen Pan, Na Chen, Shuhua Liu, Jingzi He

Corresponding Author

Na Chen


New engineering education pay more attention to the cultivation of students' engineering practice, and it further strengthen the global vision, engineering thinking and innovative practical ability of engineering students. Civil engineering construction course is an important professional basic course, which summarizes the construction technology of all kinds of projects and mainly studies construction technology and construction organization. The traditional teaching model cannot effectively adapt to the curriculum, which will lead to students' lack of practical ability, lack of interest and other problems. Starting with the educational concept of “New engineering education”, this paper analyzes the problems of traditional teaching of civil engineering construction course, and puts forward the teaching measures. The teaching measures proposed in this paper can be used as a reference for teachers of relevant majors and courses in various ordinary universities and vocational colleges.


Engineering education; Teaching measures; Practice ability; Traditional teaching