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Reform of Chinese Teaching in Applied Undergraduate Universities to Improve Students' Comprehensive Chinese Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.006


Wu-Xiao li

Corresponding Author

Wu-Xiao li


The 21 century is the era of knowledge economy, which endows higher education with new connotation and deepens the reform of higher education. In order to meet the requirements of the times of higher education reform, some undergraduate colleges should be transformed into applied undergraduate colleges. China's special national conditions require that China's higher education reform can not completely copy the model of western higher education, nor can it be closed and rigid. According to the investigation, it is under the premise of following these three laws that the reform of higher education in China can advance in an orderly manner. According to the requirements of deepening the reform, more than 700 ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities have gradually changed to applied universities.


Reform; application; undergraduate university; comprehensive language ability