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Construction on Postgraduate Education Interactive Turnover Micro-course System based on Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.004


Zhongliang Gao, Rui Tang, Zhi Li, Tiantian Tang, Chunmei Xu, Xiaona Li, Qiuhua Wang, Hongrun Wang, Rui Rui

Corresponding Author

Zhongliang Gao


The Internet + era of a single teaching method is not enough to support education. The Internet + and interactive inversion of micro-teaching cross-integration to build a comprehensive and diversified teaching system, based on 360° performance method, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, and OBE theory, this paper explores the teaching evaluation system of Southwest Forestry University postgraduate education from two dimensions of teachers and students.


Internet +; Turnover Micro-Course; Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method; OBE