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Research on the Application of Heart Rate Monitoring in Swimming Training and Competition in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.003


Xiumei Ma

Corresponding Author

Xiumei Ma


In order to let the students of swimming team in Colleges and universities train scientifically and reasonably after class and improve their sports level quickly, sports monitoring is very important. After introducing exercise heart rate as the main technical auxiliary means of training and competition, the training and competition have achieved satisfactory results. It is considered that: the most significant feature of exercise heart rate is that there is a very clear causal relationship between the change of heart rate and the change of exercise load; within a considerable range from incremental load exercise to sub maximum load exercise, the exercise intensity and heart rate show a linear parallel change. The results showed that the routine training had significant effects on the recovery of fatigue, stress distribution, strength distribution, etc. Relying on the monitoring of exercise heart rate, our school has ranked the first in the swimming competition of Shanghai college students for 10 consecutive years.


Chinese universities; Swimming; Training and competition; Exercise heart rate monitoring; Application