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Construction of Traffic and Transportation Engineering Innovation Lab Based on Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.081


Chao DENG, Xumei ZHANG, Yunbing YAN, Huili ZHANG, Fang MENG, Li HU

Corresponding Author



Big data will accelerate the innovation of transportation industry, how to cultivate innovative talents in transportation, it is the opportunity and challenge for universities. Relying on the data and technology accumulation of Inspur Group® in the field of transportation big data, big data analysis and mining was applied as the carrier to establish the traffic and transportation engineering innovation lab based on artificial intelligence, innovative experiment method was designed, and students' ability was cultivated. The experiment can be applied in the transportation innovation course, the daily teaching of warehousing/ transportation/ supply chain course, and the daily teaching of data analysis and mining course. It is also beneficial to scientific research project approval, research, achievement formation, and achievement promotion.


Cooperative Education, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Innovation Lab, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Level Innovative Experiment