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Research on the Protection and Renewal of Historic Buildings Based on Building Information Model Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.080


Le WANG, Xiaoqian Liu

Corresponding Author



In the process of research on the preservation and renewal of historical buildings, the first technological change was the emergence of CAD drawing technology. Computer virtual technology was used to help manual hand-drawn drawings to be completed in a more scientific and rapid way. So far, CAD technology has basically achieved multi-field and cross-industry popularization. The second technological breakthrough is the emergence of building information modeling technology, that is, the emergence of BIM technology, which makes the related technology of historical building protection more advanced. The article analyzes the BIM service in the protection of historical buildings, focusing on the sharing of historical building related information with the help of BIM technology and integrated management, which provides some scientific basis for its protection and renewal.


Building information model technology, historical building protection, digital protection