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Research on optimizing credit evaluation system and commercial bank practice path

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.076


Tianyu Yao

Corresponding Author

Tianyu Yao


In order to strengthen the construction of social credit, the credit evaluation system has been paid more and more attention by all walks of life. "A trust-breaking, everywhere restricted" is the basic goal of the construction of credit society in China. The construction of credit evaluation system should adhere to the social harmfulness of trust-breaking behavior as the standard, the principle of proportion to determine the punishment limit, avoid the tendency of pan-moralization. It is necessary to construct a credit evaluation system that encourages trust-keeping and punishes trust-breaking simultaneously, adopt a fine management mode, unimpeded channels for civil subjects to inquire and correct personal credit information, and strengthen the strength of information disclosure.


Credit evaluation system, Evaluation method, Commercial bank ommercial bank