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Application of Internet of Things Technology in Logistics Distribution of Perishable Agricultural Products

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.008


Wujun Cao, Xinxin Wang, Hanxing Hao

Corresponding Author

Xinxin Wang


The use of Internet of Things technology and perishable agricultural products, logistics and distribution combined helps cope with the perishable agricultural products in the distribution of low degree of information, low efficiency and other issues. This paper, based on the shortcomings of traditional perishable agricultural products logistics distribution, discusses from the network layer, the perception layer, the application layer respectively based on the Internet of things perishable agricultural products logistics and distribution technology system construction. The Internet of things in the perishable agricultural products distribution application will help better promote the development of perishable agricultural products distribution system, which is conducive to speeding up the development of China's modern perishable agricultural products logistics.


Internet of Things, Perishable agricultural products, Distribution, Information exchange.