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Research on the Core Mechanism of Digital Marketing Communication Effect Based on Big Data Framework

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.075


Weiwang Lan

Corresponding Author

Weiwang Lan


With the rapid development of the global Internet, online shopping and online marketing have become a fashion. At the same time, online marketing is a brand-new marketing model that adapts to the era of big data in the new era. The so-called digital marketing refers to a marketing way to achieve marketing goals by means of internet, computer communication technology and digital interactive media. This marketing method gives full play to the great role of modern communication technology, puts the whole marketing process under the control of modern communication technology and computer technology, and makes the nerves of enterprises spread all over every corner of product marketing. The network is updated all the time, which also makes the network marketing mode in enterprises constantly change and update. The establishment of network marketing mode under big data is a prerequisite for some enterprises to carry out network marketing business. This paper studies the core mechanism of digital marketing communication effect based on big data framework, and explores new ways of marketing communication under digital background.


Big data, digital marketing, communication effect, core mechanism