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A Study on the Whole Industry Chain Development of Hezhang Walnut under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.072


Yujie Wang, Yaoran Wang, Zengni Tian, Jie FU, Mei LIU

Corresponding Author

Yujie Wang


“Industrial prosperity” is the primary task of implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy and the important foundation of consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation. In order to promote the optimization and upgrading of Hezhang walnut industry, based on the background of Rural Revitalization Strategy, this paper takes the perspective of the whole industry chain theory, analyzes the problems of low degree of production organization in Hezhang County, Guizhou Province, and puts forward some countermeasures such as improving infrastructure construction. The development of Hezhang walnut whole industry chain is helpful to promote the sustainable development of both society and economy in Wumeng Mountain area, and provide beneficial reference for the anti-poverty of contiguous destitute areas in China.


Rural Revitalization, Whole industry chain, Industrialization poverty alleviation, Hezhang walnut