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Analysis of Enterprise Financial Risk Management under the Internet Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.065


Fengqin Zhu

Corresponding Author

Fengqin Zhu


In recent years, with the development and application of computer network and other technologies in our country, social informatization has provided convenience for our life, and the financial industry has gradually applied the Internet, which makes the financial service industry realize the expansion and extension of the market. In the Internet environment, the scope of enterprise financial pooling capital is larger and wider, which effectively solves the problem that enterprises are difficult to operate due to financial difficulties. This is an opportunity for enterprise finance, but at the same time, enterprise financial risk management is facing challenges in the Internet environment. In view of the types and causes of enterprise financial risks under the Internet environment, this paper analyzes the effective management strategies of risk management.


Internet, Enterprise, Financial risk, Management