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Research on the Integrated Development of “Internet + Cultural Industry”

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.059


Na Zhao, Wei Meng

Corresponding Author

Na Zhao


The integration and development of industries is a new form of development in the country, and its essence is to avoid industrial differentiation and promote industrial integration and development through industrial integration. The Internet and culture seem to be unrelated, but there is a natural fusion between the two, which promotes and penetrates each other. Culture needs a certain medium to spread and communicate. It also needs continuous creation and continuous innovation. The Internet, as a communication medium, provides a brand-new space and a means of rapid communication and communication for cultural dissemination and exchange; the collection of various resources on the Internet can also provide more choices and rich nutrition for the development and innovation of culture. Nowadays, culture not only communicates and spreads on the Internet, but also innovates, creates, enriches and expands on the Internet.


Internet, Culture, Integration, Development