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The Exploration and Practice of the Internet of Things to Promote the Management and Service Construction of Smart Communities in the Epidemic

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.052


Zixuan Wei

Corresponding Author

Zixuan Wei


During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, my country’s community emergency prevention and control management system exposed many problems. This article takes Shanxi Province as an example. After combing and analyzing the definition of the Internet of Things, in response to the current needs for the construction of smart communities, the SWOT model is used to analyze new types of things. The Internet of Things introduces a comparative analysis of the model of smart community management system construction and traditional community management system models, and draws on the application of existing Internet of Things technology in other fields, based on this, explores an effective path to introduce the Internet of Things into the construction of smart communities , And apply this model to different scenarios in other fields of urban smart construction, helping to build an efficient and convenient smart, service-oriented, and comprehensive modern city.


Internet of things, Smart community management system construction, Smart city, New crown pneumonia epidemic