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Research on Enterprise Investment Strategy Risk Management Based on Decision Tree Classification

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.051



Corresponding Author



With the continuous development and changes of China's social economy, market competitiveness has become the main development trend. For enterprises, no matter in the realization of social status, or in the promotion of economic direction, they are facing enormous challenges. The internal and external environment for the survival of enterprises has undergone profound changes and has entered a more open environment. This environment has not only brought us many opportunities, but also brought us more and more uncertain factors, and the probability of investment risks is getting bigger and bigger. Decision tree decision-making method has the characteristics of clear hierarchy, simplicity, vividness and image in the decision-making process. Especially, the decision-making problem is in multi-stage and multi-level, which can express the correlation and mutual influence between the decision-making in each stage and the overall decision-making conveniently. This paper introduces how to apply the decision tree method to the field of enterprise investment strategic risk management, which has auxiliary function and practical significance for managers to make more accurate and reasonable decisions.


Decision tree, Investment, Risk management