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Cold Chain Logistics Model in the Development of Fresh Food e-Commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.047


Liu Yuanxu

Corresponding Author

Liu Yuanxu


The rapid development of e-commerce and fresh e-commerce undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for modern logistics operation mode. And the logistics mode plays an important role in fresh e-commerce. A cold chain logistics system that adapts to the company and its current development plays a decisive role in the future development of the company and the progress of the whole industry. In order to explore the relationship between fresh food e-commerce and logistics, this paper selects Yiguo fresh E-commerce, which was reorganized in November 2020, and Shihangshengxian fresh e-commerce, which has achieved full profits in Suzhou, to make a comparative analysis on the logistics mode. For the subsequent expansion of the national market scope, to build a more perfect fresh e-commerce and cold chain logistics market to provide some more valuable reference.


Fresh e-commerce, Logistics mode, Yiguo fresh e-commerce, Shihangshengxian fresh e-commerce