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Significance of Research on Time Quota of Enterprise in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.005


Huiping Mu, Yingying Han and Yaping Huo

Corresponding Author

Huiping Mu


The quota is the main tool to balance the interests of the enterprise and the employees. In order to stimulate the labor enthusiasm of the workers, improve the labor productivity, allocate the expenses reasonably and improve the economic efficiency of the enterprises, companies should formulate reasonable working hours’ quota and working hours’ management system. In the production mode of Chinese enterprises, there is an imbalance in the formulation of working hours’ quotas, and the development speed is relatively slow, the labor efficiency is relatively low, and the unequal level of quota has affected the enthusiasm of the workers and the maximization of the profits of the enterprises. Work quota is the basis for balancing the interests of enterprises and the interests of workers and staff. Therefore, companies need a more objective and scientific development of work quotas.


Work quota, labor productivity, interests of workers, maximize profit.