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Research on IT Job Recruitment Demand Information

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.039


Rongfu Wang

Corresponding Author

Rongfu Wang


With the development and popularization of higher education, the number of college graduates in my country has been increasing year by year, repeatedly hitting historical highs; in the development of big data and artificial intelligence, the gap between the supply and demand of IT data jobs is also increasing. However, due to the problem of structural recruitment contradictions and asymmetry of recruitment information in talent recruitment, it is often difficult for graduates to find ideal jobs and enterprises find it difficult to recruit ideal talents. In this context, Internet recruitment breaks the limitations of geographic space, expands the scope of both supply and demand, and becomes an important channel for recruiters to release information and candidates to obtain information. Thanks to the widespread application of online recruitment, the real-time release of Internet recruitment information has improved the problem of information asymmetry in talent recruitment, but the recruitment text still has the characteristics of massive and unstructured, and there are certain technical difficulties in text statistical analysis. . Extracting the subject terms of online recruitment texts and analyzing the recruitment needs of IT data-related positions in the era of big data will positively promote higher quality and fuller employment for college graduates with majors in data science. Based on this, this article uses Internet recruitment data to systematically study the recruitment demand information of data-related positions.


It, Job recruitment, Demand study