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Research on Strategic Adaptability of Enterprises under the New Crown Epidemic - Take Lamh as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.031


Murong Shen

Corresponding Author

Murong Shen


Retailing has occupied a significantly important proportion of the global market, however under the circumstances of global pandemics, retailors have been influenced largely. This article will focus on the global leading corporate LVMH as the subject, via quantitative and qualitative analytic methods, to study the corporate strategic choices. The results show that first, global health crisis like Covid-19 has significant impacts that are hardly ignored, and corporates are supposed to reevaluate their strategic planning; second, diversification of business is necessary during unstable period, since it enhances the competitiveness of the corporate and prevents it from any loss that might be caused by changes in external environment; third, corporates are supposed to avoid the diminishing marginal efficiency. In above, on the one hand the conclusion of this article provides empirical support for investors’ investment, on the other hand, it has a certain degree of industry expansion for the development of enterprise strategic theory.


Enterprise strategy, Case study, Lvmh