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Problems and Methods of Rural Internet Finance Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.027


Yuqing Cui

Corresponding Author

Yuqing Cui


with the rapid development of Internet, information technology and other technologies and related industries, it has promoted the progress of big data and cloud computing industry in China. Under this background, the economic development pattern of rural areas has also undergone profound changes, and the characteristics of Internet financial development model are more and more obvious. How to use the advantages of emerging technologies to continuously promote and innovate the rural financial development service system and promote the improvement of rural economic development level has become a major concern of many people. From the current situation, due to the imperfect credit system, rural Internet Finance in the development process is also faced with many fraud problems, low degree of organization, lack of risk response ability and other related problems, which seriously affect its further development. To this end, this article is completed after the actual investigation and research, aiming at the problems existing in the work at this stage, put forward the corresponding solutions, hoping to have some enlightenment on the rapid development of rural Internet finance.


Rural areas, Internet finance, Development strategies