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The Situation of Chinese Enterprises' Investment in Myanmar and the Three Types of Political Risks They Face

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.017


Tonghui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tonghui Zhang


In early February, the turbulent social environment and turmoil under Myanmar's arms control lead the political situation in Myanmar to crisis again, and the future is yet uncertain. For Chinese-funded enterprises that have invested heavily in construction in Myanmar, the unstable political and turbulent social environment brought great uncertainty to the prospects of the projects. At present, Myanmar faces not only varies domestic political risks such as the widespread of various community conflicts, the need to improve the continuity and stability of domestic policies, and the need to improve government governance capabilities, but also political risks such as differences in the distribution of benefits arising from the interaction between Myanmar and China. It also faces political risks such as the intervention, both direct and indirect, in the operation of Chinese-funded enterprise projects in Myanmar by countries outside the region. Taking Myanmar as an example, this article discusses the current investment situation of Chinese-funded enterprises in Myanmar, summarizes the three types of political risks faced by overseas operations in Myanmar, and puts forward relevant feasibility suggestions for avoiding political risks.


Political risk, Investment, Myanmar