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Layout Planning of a Distribution Center Based on SLP

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.002


Wujun Cao, Hanxing Hao, Xinxin Wang

Corresponding Author

Hanxing Hao


In recent years, the logistics industry in China has developed rapidly, and the logistics distribution centers have been built in various parts of China. In order to ensure the scientific and rational construction, it is necessary to make a thorough study on the planning and design of the distribution center. Firstly, the collected data and the formula are used to determine the area and the throughput of the distribution center. Then, the layout of the distribution area is planned by SLP method. The functional area is sorted by the flow rate calculation, and then the functional areas between the logistics relationship and non-logistics relationship, the functional area between the comprehensive correlation is obtained. Finally, the paper proposes a set of feasible facilities planning program.


Logistics industry, distribution centre, facility planning, SLP.