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Practice and Thoughts on Procurement Performance Management in Colleges and Universities Based on Balanced Scorecard

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.015


Nannan Xu, Xiaoli Zhang, Jinlong Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoli Zhang


With the continuous increase of the state’s investment in construction of colleges and universities, procurement expenditures of colleges and universities have also risen. How to effectively promote the improvement of procurement management level has become an important issue demanding urgent solution for most colleges and universities. This paper investigates and analyzes feasibility of implementing procurement performance management in colleges and universities from aspects of system construction, indicator setting, evaluation and reward implementation, and summarizes a set of performance appraisal management mechanisms based on balanced scorecards to effectively promote the improvement of college procurement management level. At the same time, this paper fully learns from the practice of corporate procurement performance management, sets differentiated performance indicator weights according to the different organizational functions of colleges and universities, innovatively proposes a three-level setting model of warning value, target value and challenge value with focus on accuracy and effectiveness of procurement performance evaluation management.


University procurement, Performance management, Performance appraisal, Balanced scorecard