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Comparison and Evaluation of the Input-Output Efficiency of Listed Chinese Logistics Companies Based on CCR-DEA

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.011


Zhenling Chen, Yi Chen, Xine Peng, Hong Tao, Linmin Yang, Lin Xue

Corresponding Author

Lin Xue


Based on the 2017-2019 panel data on 20 Chinese logistics companies, this paper analyzes the key factors affecting their input-output efficiency from dimensions such as overall technical efficiency (OTE), pure technical efficiency (PTE) and scale efficiency. Data analysis reveals that although the overall input-output efficiency of listed Chinese logistics companies has been edging down over the years, there remains room for improvement. Among the four industries of port operation, warehousing, transportation and express delivery, the express delivery industry stands out by dint of its top-ranking OTE, PTE and scale efficiency. Port operation companies and road transport companies have experienced continuous decline in PTE for three consecutive years. In order to improve the output efficiency, logistics companies must place more emphasis on the improvement of PTE by attaching importance to technology R&D and innovation, and on the other hand improve their core competitiveness by beefing up their logistics functions.


Input-output efficiency, CCR-DEA mode, listed logistics companies