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Supply Chain: The Key to Solve the Problems of Assets Evaluation in SOEs

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.010


Shuai Qu, Shulong Cai, Nannan Xu

Corresponding Author

Shuai Qu


In this paper, based on literature review, by summarizing the current situation of supply chain development and the characteristics of assets evaluation in state-owned enterprises (SOEs), it is found that the existing problems of assets evaluation in SOEs can be analyzed from the perspective of supply chain, and the countermeasures are put forward, because the integrated linkage evaluation of supply chain can divide the scope of evaluation objects more completely; the supply chain can provide more accurate data and supplementary explanations for the evaluation of value reference; and the inspection mechanism of asset evaluation can be constructed by utilizing the value liquidity, transferability and balance of supply chain.


Supply chain, State-owned enterprises (SOEs), Asset evaluation