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Research on the Critical Point of Failure of Travel Agencies with Normal Epidemic Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/ecemis.2021.005


Xiangmin Meng, Guoyan Ren, Qianwen Fang, Yan Yang, Jiajia Jin

Corresponding Author

Xiangmin Meng


The rapid spread of COVID-19 has caused great losses to China's tourism industry, especially travel agencies. In order to measure the impact of COVID-19 on travel agencies in China, this paper USES the survival analysis model to empirically study the impact of the epidemic on the survival of travel agencies in Shanghai. We will also explore the impact of coVID-19 at different times of the year. Finally, the paper puts forward relevant countermeasures for the government, travel agencies and tourists, and offers Suggestions for China's travel agencies to get rid of the predicament as soon as possible.


COVID-19, travel agency, closure critical point