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Damage Assessment of Structural Depression Caused by Ship Collision

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.047


Zhao Guizhu

Corresponding Author

Zhao Guizhu


In this paper, the nonlinear numerical dynamic simulation of an offshore jacket platform structure impacted by a large tonnage pipe laying crane vessel is carried out. The nonlinear spring is used to simulate the sunken characteristics of the damaged components. The damage of the components under different collision contact time is calculated and analyzed. Compared with the detection results of the actual structural damage, the inversion calculation and analysis of the collision between the ship and the platform at different speed are carried out, and the different collision contact time and the maximum impact force are obtained The stress and displacement time history curve of the main joints of the jacket platform structure can determine the damage degree of the structural members and joints of the jacket platform after the impact, which provides a theoretical basis for putting forward a reasonable and feasible repair and reinforcement plan.


Offshore Platform; Collision; Sag Damage; Assessment