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Research on Energy Saving and Cost Saving Optimization Strategy of HVAC System

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.044


Zhaoliang Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhaoliang Liu


Because HVAC is widely recognized and used by the public, the main functions of general air conditioning are heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Generally used in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, fluid machinery. That is the ultimate subject of mechanical engineering. In general, the system mainly controls air temperature and humidity to improve indoor comfort. Its biggest advantage is to save energy and cost. As many people use it, some shortcomings continue in the past, and the excessive consumption of energy shortens the life of HVAC. Only scientific and reasonable strategy can carry out the work of energy conservation. This paper promotes the energy-saving design of air-conditioning system, analyzes the energy-saving technology of HVAC and HVAC. This will improve people's quality of life and ensure an optimized environment.


HVAC; System; Energy Saving; Optimization Strategy