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Analysis of Material Selection in Mechanical Design Processing

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.031


Liu Yanhua, Qian Na

Corresponding Author

Liu Yanhua


At present, steel structure is widely used in the construction engineering of our country. in order to improve the comprehensive benefit of civil multi-story steel structure module building system, we need to carry out a sound structural management of steel structure module building, so as to adjust the coordination of every link inside the building, so as to meet the needs of construction construction, but also to improve the living quality of the environment. In the actual construction process, there are still many problems in the safety quality management of the building steel structure, and some accidents occur in the construction process, which affects the safety quality of the steel structure. Quality and safety problems also occur frequently. In view of the problems in material selection in mechanical design and processing, this paper discusses the problems in the construction process of building steel structure, and puts forward some improvement measures, hoping to provide new ideas for mechanical designers.


Mechanical Design and Processing; Material Selection; Problem Analysis