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Rapid Design of Composite Light Aircraft Wing Structure

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.028


Lei Kong

Corresponding Author

Lei Kong


The composite material ratio of aircraft structure is one of the important indexes to measure the height property of aircraft. The rigid wall structure can effectively improve the support strength and stability of the structure, reduce the weight of the structure, and is widely used in composite wing structure. The heterogeneous mechanical properties of composites greatly increase the difficulty of structural design, especially the rapid design. At present, most of the optimization design methods of the enhanced wall panel depend on the detailed model of the finite element or the agent model, thus obtaining a large number of calculations and a long design cycle. Therefore, it is an important project to study the fast design method for composite wing wall structure. A fast design method for the reinforced wall structure with different section shapes is proposed. Based on the equivalent model of the reinforcement wall, the theoretical calculation methods of the overall force, local sitting position and torsional sitting position of the reinforcement plate are put forward. In addition, the reinforced plate structure with light weight and high load efficiency is optimized. The optimization results are verified by the finite element software. In this paper, the load calculation, material selection and shape selection of the light aircraft wing structure are carried out, and the wing correction design is completed by using the high-speed design method. Based on the verification design model, firstly, the plug-in ear which has a great influence on the transfer force is designed rapidly, and then the detailed optimization design of the wing is completed by using narland, and the weight of the wing is reduced.


Stiffened Plate; Composite Material; Wing Box Section Structure; Optimal Design