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Study on the Monitoring Method of Stress Point of Steel Tube Concrete Pipe Structure

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.026


Shiwei Jin

Corresponding Author

Shiwei Jin


Prestressed concrete filled steel tube (PCCP) has the advantages of impermeability, tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, earthquake resistance, long service life and low cost of operation and maintenance, so it is widely used in the construction of water conveyance pipeline in water conservancy project. PCCP pipe fittings refer to the components connecting key components in PCCP pipe construction. The total amount generally accounts for about 4% of the total length of the pipeline. The quality control of PCCP pipe fittings and effective control and preventive measures are of great significance and practical application value to ensure the safety and durability of PCCP pipe engineering.


PCCP; Fittings; Raw Materials; Welding; Steel Pipe; Quality Control