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Treatment Strategies for Complications of Urological Laparoscopic Surgery

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DOI: 10.25236/icmbmm.2018.71


Maoli Sun

Corresponding Author

Maoli Sun


Since the mini-invasive era, the concept of minimally invasive surgery has been deeply implanted in the hearts of urologists and patients. The use of laparoscopic techniques as a major component of minimally invasive techniques has become increasingly widespread. Current urological laparoscopy has progressed from simple organ resection to highly reconstructive surgery. Although compared with traditional open surgery, laparoscopic surgery has the advantages of small incision, rapid postoperative recovery and good aesthetics, but it also has the disadvantages of complicated operation and long learning curve. Therefore, to avoid the complications of urological laparoscopic surgery, summarizing its related treatment strategy is very necessary. This paper combines the clinical practice of preoperative urologic surgery for laparoscopic surgery, and summarizes the treatment strategies for laparoscopic complications from preoperative preparation, treatment individuation, and related strategies during and after surgery.


Complication, Treatment strategies, Urological laparoscopic surgery.