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Research on the Upgrading Development Path of Collaborative Innovation of Production-Study-Research in Private Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.008


Changwei Chen, Zheyu Xu

Corresponding Author

Changwei Chen


The upgrading development of private vocational colleges is an important part of constructing the modern vocational education system. Research on collaborative innovation of production-study-research is an important subject for the industry transformation and upgrade serviced by contemporary colleges. The shortage of teachers and equipment resources, to some extent, restricts the innovation of the private vocational colleges. This paper studies Kunshan Dengyun College of Science and Technology. It is found that the college insists the combination of working with learning to deepen the industrial basic advantages of school-enterprise cooperation. The college also has built a platform of production-study-research innovation of Yangcheng Lake in Kunshan by integrating the government, colleges and research institutes to serve regional economic development, so as to explore the upgrading development path of private colleges. It is not only an attempt of reform and innovation, but also a breakthrough in innovation and development of regional economic transformation and upgrade serviced by higher vocational colleges. It has very important realistic and popularization significance.


Collaborative Innovation of Production-Study-Research, Private Vocational Colleges, Upgrading Development, Path.