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Research on Water Conservancy Project Based on Environmental Protection Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.019


Jinlong Kang

Corresponding Author

Jinlong Kang


With the deepening of urbanization, environmental problems have been a hot issue that people have been paying close attention to. As a basic project to maintain urban safety and provide good guarantee for urban water use, water conservancy project has a strong social public welfare nature and plays a positive role in promoting urban development. However, at this stage, with the construction and improvement of water conservancy projects, the scope is more and more extensive, which increases the difficulty in the comprehensive management, but also leads to some problems in the process of project construction, which affects the benign development of ecological environment. Therefore, the integration of environmental protection concept into water conservancy projects is conducive to promoting the mutual promotion and integration of ecological environment development and water conservancy project construction, so as to better play the positive role of water conservancy projects, strengthen its ability of flood control, power generation and continuous water supply.


Environmental protection concept; Water conservancy project; Existing problems; Effective measures