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Faulting Forecast of Concrete Pavement Considering Erosion and Void

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.012


Jingjing Li, Zhanfeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingjing Li


According to the current forecast shortage of concrete pavement faulting, the field investigation of faulting in Guangxi was carried, and the relationship between the erosion height and faulting was good whether setting the dowel bar or not, and it is an effective method of setting dowel bars to reduce the faulting value. The concrete pavement structure was built in the test, it has shown that the erosion value of both lime-flyash stabilized macadam base and cement stabilized macadam base is increased exponentially with the enlargement of axle load, and the erosion value of lime-flyash stabilized macadam base is more 10%~12% than the cement stabilized macadam base. Finally faulting models of two base types considering erosion and void are established. The faulting model of lime-flyash stabilized macadam base with no dowel bar is verified by Liu-Nan expressway, the model has a good applicability.


Road engineering; Cement concrete pavement; Faulting; Base erosion and void